Your Health, Your Life!

Posted by Administrator on 3/9/2015
Your Health, Your Life!
In April of 2014, to my complete shock, I found out that I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I didn't know much about the disease as I didn't know anyone who had it. Once I was over the initial shock and the "woe is me" period, I began reading about the disease and how to rebuild my immune system. Doing this takes a tremendous amount of time and a lot of effort, which I was more than willing to do.

I started my approach by reading an amazing book by Dr. Terry Wahls. She is a physician who within three years of her diagnosis with MS was completely wheelchair bound. Through her own journey, she began a clinical trial that was nutrition based for other patients suffering various auto-immune diseases. Through her diligent work and research, she was able to prove how "clean" foods can rebuild your system. As I mentioned before, her MS disabled her within three years but with the nutritional adjustment, she reversed her condition and became fully functional again. Her book is an amazing journey through the disease and the various levels of the plan.

I am now about to get on my 4th MS med, with much frustration, as I've had some sort of complication with all previous meds to date. I am about 80% paleo but am finding more and more that I need to up that percentage.

I am writing today for 2 reasons. First of all, I encourage all of you to never assume the simplest change in your body is nothing. I was blessed to have been diagnosed with my disease within months of being symptomatic but it was of my doing to go to the dr., not the pressure of my peers. I knew something wasn't right with my body, as I was experiencing tingliness and numbness in both legs simultaneously. Secondly, I encourage everyone to really consider what you're eating on a daily basis. I am seeing more and more people (30's - Mid 50's) being diagnosed with cancer and auto-immune diseases. It seems so senseless but it makes me sit back and think why its so much more prevalent now than 20 years ago.

I was by a friend to watch the movie Healthy for Change about 2 years ago which detailed all of the unnecessary ingredients companies put in their boxed foods to preserve them, including the hidden inflammatory...sugar!!. It's really disgusting. Through this video and Dr. Wahls book, I started my Paleo journey. It was so much easier than I ever thought it would be and once you get away from all of these processed foods, you really don't crave them anymore.

The past year has been an emotional yet strengthening time for me in my personal journey through this life. I truly feel that part of my journey in life now, is to help others help themselves. To encourage people to get up and exercise and eat well. To never assume you're too young to get a disease or have any health issues. I am a fit person who exercises 3 days a week and has always eaten fairly well but it didn't matter. But I can tell you that I am on a journey to reverse this. I refuse to let MS define who I am. I'm entirely too stubborn and motivated to give in!

In regards to the food though, I've had some pretty great paleo meals and will post when I make/eat some. :) If you have any you'd like to contribute, please let me know. I'm always looking for some great recipes for my family. The more the merrier!