The Lost Art of a Thank You Note!

Posted by Administrator on 4/15/2015
The Lost Art of a Thank You Note!
Ah, the lost art of thank you note writing! A handwritten thank you note can make someone's day, and make you look oh-so-classy. But how and when to write one?

Fear not—thank you note etiquette is simple! Once you get into the habit of writing an excellent thank you, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

First, and to be clear, this is about writing a thank you note. Meaning ink on paper. A text that says "Thx 4 the $ Aunt Sue :)" doesn't count. Although some sort of thank you is better than no thank you at all, step up your game and handwrite a note. An email or phone call is okay, but really a written card is a much better sentiment.

So...what's the proper etiquette for thank you notes?

Write the thank you note promptly; you're more likely to forget if you wait. Try to write the note within a week (unless it's for wedding gifts, then you've got at least a few months to send them out). Keep some cute thank you cards in your desk, you'll be more likely to send them if they're handy.

For what situations should you send a thank you note? • When you receive a gift (wedding, shower, graduation, birthday, or even 'just because'.) • After a job interview. You'd be surprised what a good impression this makes. • When someone does a favor for you, or goes above and beyond to help you out. • When you've been a houseguest, or even if you've attended a dinner or party. Maybe it feels too formal to send a snail mail note after you've been invited over to watch the big game, but if you've been to a real sit-down dinner or swanky cocktail party, sending a note is a nice gesture.

And if someone has let you stay at his or her home, a thank you note is a must! What to say? Don't get writer's block. You don't have to write a novel. No "How are you? I am fine." Keep it simple. A thank you note should be short and sweet (and sincere!). It goes without saying, but start with a salutation.

Then a simple thank you. For instance, you might say Thank you for your ____ I really appreciated ____ It meant so much to me to receive ____ State what the thanks is for: a gift, dinner invitation, kindness. It's proper etiquette to mention the gift and what you liked about it or how you'll use it. Or make a comment about the favor and how it helped you. If it's for an interview, reference something about the conversation you had. Make it personal, but don't gush.

Then add a sentence with another thank you, and a signoff that seems appropriate for your style and the relationship: You might say Best, Take care, Regards, Love. Sign your name, and you're done. Easy! Don't be intimidated by writing thank you notes, and you'll be a pro in no time.

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