Stay Tuned...

Posted by Tabatha Lucas on 5/10/2016
Stay Tuned...
I've never been a lover of fancy shoes or designer clothes but have always had a love for bags, totes and wallets. I used to always buy or receive Dooney and Bourke as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. And although I love them for their stylishness and durability, I've found them to be heavy, cumbersome and have never had enough pocket storage.

I have two boys who have played baseball since pre-school and have found the older they get and the more they play, the more I have to pack. There are times when I feel I live at the baseball fields and as any mom knows with a child in outdoor sports, you always need sunscreens, bug spray, hats, umbrellas, snacks and so much more. How can you possibly fit that into a tiny bag and who wants to carry multiple bags around to have everything you need?

I have a Thirty One bag I purchased years ago but find its still not big enough. So needless to say I'm a little frustrated after years of trying out different methods and totes to carry all of my crap. So its incredibly rare for me to get super excited these days about bags, totes and lunch boxes...until now!

About a year ago, I saw a friends tote at a baseball game and fell in love. Of course I asked what brand it was and knew I HAD to carry the entire product line from this company in my online store. So, I started my research, applied for an account and have now officially become a retailer of SCOUT.

I must tell you how refreshing, vibrant and relative their designs are across all of their product lines. I've been going through the catalog to place my first order and it is hard to stop clicking the "Add to Cart" button on everything I see. I find them to be a bit more expensive than your average Thirty-One bag but there is absolutely no comparison in quality, functionality and design. I know my customers will absolutely LOVE everything they have to offer as much as I do.

I'm in the initial stages of getting everything ordered and organized so keep an eye on the site for new products and designs. And for a limited time, for every SCOUT order received, you'll receive a free shopping tote!

Happy Summer!