Beach Party Kids Ideas

Posted by Administrator on 5/22/2015
Beach Party Kids Ideas
When it's sum-sum-summertime, it's time for a party at the beach! Put your toes in the sand and feel the salty air on your face, and just relax. Sunshine, school's over—it's time for a vacation, even if it's just a day at the beach. Splish-splash, come on all you little minnows—it's time to cool off in the water and enjoy the fun in the sun.

So how do you throw a lively kids' beach party? There are lots of ideas for a rollicking good time. Beach volleyball, anyone? Beach blanket bingo? Collecting pretty seashells is always fun. Or how about a sandcastle contest? Bring the pails and shovels so the kids can really get creative.

Pack up the beach towels, the sunscreen and don't forget the brightly colored booty savers! The sand can be broiling and you want comfy and cool beach pads to sit on.

Kids love a day at the beach--and who doesn't? Frolicking in the sun, sand and water. Plunk yourself right down on one of Ooh-La-La's booty savers to protect your little booty from the hot sand. Don't forget the flip-flops! Grab a personalized tumbler or koozie, some sunnies and a kid is cooler than cool. Keep those shades safe with a cute personalized sunglass retainer.

Kowabunga! Being at the beach is an instant party, and you can bring all sorts of toys with you--like beach floats, balls or kites—and you can ask the other parents to help get all your gear set up on that perfect stretch of sand. Parents can also help keep an eye on all your partygoers who will no doubt be running all over the sand and surf.

And when it's 101 degrees in the shade make sure you're hydrated. Bring a water bottle (personalized by Oh-La-La of course), and a beach tote for all your essentials, and you're all set for a summer celebration.

Set up the beach chairs, umbrella and then wade on into the surf when you want to cool off. Don’t forget your floppy hat and snack container for those munchies. You can even have fun beach themed munchies—like goldfish crackers, gummy fish and lifesavers. Are cupcakes on the menu? Get some adorable personalized cupcake toppers to add the festivities.

No matter what ages your partygoers are, some cool beach party ideas for kids will make it a wonderful day at the beach. And you're sure to have fun, too.

You can even use these ideas for an indoor beach-themed party. A luau, a pirate party, blow-up palm trees, costumes, a fun beach-themed play list on your IPod—you can bring the fun of the surf into your home or backyard if you're landlocked. Either way, your kids' beach party is sure to be a big hit.

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